• IP Digital Microwave Solutions
  • Multimedia Solutions

GlobalNet strongly believe in upholding our slogan, "Beyond IT with Commitment" - GlobalNet not only delivers our professional services to our customer but we always take that extra mile to exceed customers' requirement & expectation.

    Our high standard services include:
  • Project Management
  • Turn-Key Solution
  • Structured Cabling
  • Solution Design & Consultancy
  • Data Centre Design, Setup, Maintenance & Racking Solution
  • IT relocation

With our excellent team of professionals, GlobalNet is able to support corporations in their large scale & complex network with our highly efficient & reliable business solutions.

    Our state-of-the-art business solutions include:
  • Switching & Routing
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Unified Communications
  • Load Balancing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • WAN Acceleration & Optimization
  • Software Asset Management

In today's business world, managed services has become more of a strategic approach for companies with a shrinking budget, yet looking for improved effective and efficient operations.

    GlobalNet services include:
  • System, Network & OS Support
    • Manpower onsite within obligated response time
    • Man-hours / Incidents / Unlimited
    • Ad-hoc Service/ Contractual Agreement
  • Hardware Maintenance - Parts Replacement & Loaner Unit
  • Manpower Outsourcing
    • Short Term / Long Term / Flexible Arrangement
  • IT Helpdesk & Remote Management Support 24x7 or 8x5

As a system integrator, we work closely with customers to align affordable, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf solution to meet key business goals & objectives.

The team at GlobalNet utilizing our vast expertises & techniques to ensure that all components & solution are communicate and function perfectly together as a system.

    The areas that we cover include:
  • Exchange 2007/2010 Implementation
  • AD Implementation
  • VM Ware / Hyper-Virtualization
  • Implementation, testing and commissioning
  • Data Migration
  • High Availability & Clustering
  • Email Archiving
  • Data Backup & DCP/BCP
  • 7x24x365 technical support

Computer security in today's context; includes protection, prevention & monitoring of information and property, from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.

As a veteran in this Network Security industry, GlobalNet provide solution in the following security areas:

  • Firewall
    • Next Generation Firewall (NGF)
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • IM Security - Controlling/Monitoring/Recording / Web Filtering / Web Application & P2P Control/li>
  • Web Application Security
  • Email Security-Anti-spamming
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware
  • Database Security/Auditing
  • VPN(IP Sec & SSL), Secure Remote Access
  • Data Leakage/Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Data, Host & Network Encryption
  • Intrusion Prevention System(IPS)
  • Vulnerability Assessments - Scan/Patch Management/Remediation
  • Software Asset Management (SAM)
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Secured Wireless
  • SaaS Security Solution/Cloud Services
  • Web Gateway Solution - Proxy Appliance
  • IP Network Monitoring, Reporting & Auditing
  • Secured Message Archiving Solution
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Unified Communications Security
  • DDoS Prevention & Mitigation
  • Deep Packet Inspection

GlobalNet's flagship, high-performance caching and delivery system, deployed at service provider sites around the world. GlobalNet is the most cost-effective, scalable, flexible and resilient cache system on the market, integrated easily into an operator's network topology.

Service providers are facing a growing challenge. P2P and Internet video applications consume a significant portion of bandwidth in the network. At the same time, subscribers demand more and more services and may switch to another Internet Service Provider (ISP) for a better QoE (bandwidth and speed). It is therefore vital for service providers to implement a solution that:

  • Maintains subscribers satisfaction with a superior QoE, thus reducing churn;
  • Enhances the current subscriber experience, without requiring investments in network bandwidth upgrades;
  • Provides a tailored service experience for higher ARPU;
  • Saves on future investments for network infrastructure expansions (serve more subscribers with the same infrastructure);
  • Reduces P2P and HTTP/Internet video bandwidth costs.

GlobalNet improves subscribers' quality of experience (QoE) significantly by accelerating the delivery of P2P, Internet video, file hosting (HTTP downloads) and SW download applications.

GlobalNet enables operators to save on bandwidth and relieve the network load(OPEX), while deferring expensive network upgrades (CAPEX).

    Other ISP Products and Services includes:

  • Design & Consultancy
  • Caching Solutions (Web, Video, and P2P)
  • PoP Setup, Upgrade & Maintenance
  • ICMR (Internet Content Monitoring & Reconstruction)
  • Large scale email boxes & domain solution
  • DHCP, DNS, Proxy, Web & Radius Servers
  • VOIP Solution
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Internet Caching
  • P2P Caching
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Mobile Wireless (GSM/CDMA/WIMAX)
  • OSS/BSS & Server Farm (Email/DNS/WEB)
  • Lawful Interception
  • Data Leakage Prevention / Protection
  • ISP Backbone & Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Design & Setup
  • Storage Solution & DRP/BCP
  • Professional & Consulting Services

Network Planning

GlobalNet's Network & Engineering Department consists of engineers who have gained extensive experience in telecom networks and radio propagation theory. The team has developed the capabilities and skills to design the best practice network solutions that include, but are not limited to, link budget calculations, RF frequency planning and the reduction of intra-system interferences.

GlobalNet experts have designed software tools specifically for PtP or PmP (including WiMAX) systems. These tools can be used to evaluate clearance conditions on hop profiles and calculate the most efficient antenna configurations and positioning in order to counteract adverse propagation phenomena (fading, reflections, etc.).

Account and Project Management

GlobalNet has established a team of account managers and project managers who are dedicated to major customers. The managers are responsible for the co-ordination of all activities that are required to achieve customer satisfaction. Typically, these offer a single point of contact with high level commercial and project management within an organization.

GlobalNet account managers have direct access to GlobalNet decision-making personnel in technical, support and operations areas, in addition to access and interface with local resources and/or GlobalNet subcontractors. The preceding management structure provides one of the key factors in delivering projects successfully and on time.

Installation and Maintenance

GlobalNet has developed extensive experience over a long period of time for the installation of profitable network systems through the reduction of roll-out time for a customer's network. Additional professional services which are also available from GlobalNet are the implementation of site infrastructures (towers antennas, civil works, etc...).

GlobalNet possesses the flexibility to either use internal professional installation teams or alternatively provide training and support to local subcontractors. GlobalNet supervisory engineers are available to co-ordinate/supervise local personnel during survey and I&C activities at the customer's premises.

Moreover, in order to obtain the most effective and efficient operational performance, GlobalNet has developed the capability to structure and manage preventive and corrective maintenance programs.

In support of the maintenance programs previously identified, GlobalNet has the ability to provide hands-on technical expertise that will ensure all project objectives are delivered within the required timeframe.


GlobalNet offers a wide range of training services covering installation, operation and maintenance for all of its Radio, MUX equipment and Software Systems (including Point-to-Point radios, Point-to-Multipoint radios, Network Management Software, etc.).

Training courses consist of both theoretical and practical aspects with hands-on experience of equipment testing and maintenance routines. All the courses are provided by highly professional and experienced technicians. The courses may be conducted at the GlobalNet headquarters (in Myanmar), or at one of the GlobalNet company offices around the world, or at a suitable location that is preferred by the customer.

After sales Assistance

GlobalNet has established a substantial and well structured after-sales support group, GlobalNet offers the following Services:

Techincal Help Desk

Standard (working hour) or extended Technical Help Desk Service. Customers are issued with a Help Desk contact number to assist customer's technicians and engineers resolve technical problems.

Swap Repair Services

Warranty and extended warranty "Swap Repair" services are available.

Remote Monitoring Service

A range of services can be offered to assure the availability of a customer's wireless network through our Network Operating Centre (NOC). Through the application of powerful software tools, via dedicated landlines, via the Internet or via mobile phone technology, GlobalNet engineers can monitor the health of a customer's network either pro-actively or reactively, as specified by the customer.

Total Support

GlobalNet is able to offer a packaged total support service to a customer's wireless network, whether simply a few links of radio or a complete region or country. By tailoring a package specifically for the customer that includes technical telephone support, on-site engineering, provision of spares and repairs together with dedicated 24/7 NOC monitoring and fault diagnostic services, GlobalNet is able to offer the customer a powerful assurance of network availability for a single fixed, per-annum fee, thereby effectively removing risk from the customer.


GlobalNet is the next generation of video conferencing. With video endpoints for all environments, a full infrastructure portfolio and the best video management platform available, end users and IT professionals benefit from an unparalleled video experience.

GlobalNet is the next generation of video conferencing. With video endpoints for all environments, a full infrastructure portfolio and the best video management platform available, end users and IT professionals benefit from an unparalleled video experience.

Our video conferencing products include: