Our Customers

Our Customers

We stand as SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION in MULTI-SECTORS through consolidation of more than 17 years experiences.

Existing Clients & Success Factors

GlobalNet, plays a major role in the market and have strongest existing clients in various sector as per followings:

(1) Banking & financial Market

GlobalNet is actively widely used very famous among local and international banking & financial firm. In the financial services world, low latency solutions, speed, reliability and data security deliver a competitive advantage. Therefore, leading financial service providers in Myanmar trust GlobalNet to meet their business communication needs.

Banking & financial Market
Figure: Some of Our Clients from Local Banking Sector

Our Metro Fiber network is unsurpassed in meeting the challenges and demands financial services firms face. GlobalNet enables financial firms to:

  • High speed, reliable and secure on-demand decisions with ultra low-latency data solutions
  • Deploy and support a variety of mission critical applications, including systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic data interchange (EDI), and customer relationship management (CRM).
Some of Our Clients from International Financial Firms
Figure: Some of Our Clients from International Financial Firms

(2) Broadcasting and Mobile Network Operators

Mobile Network Operators, ISPs and Broadcasters in Myanmar who are able to perform the construction and operations of telecommunication transmission systems on their own are mainly using our dark fiber resources which are our unique market position.

Broadcasting and Mobile Network Operators
Figure: Some of Our Clients from Mobile Network Operators and ISPs

By leasing of our Dark Fiber services, they can reduce the cost for the constructing own fiber cable tracks and short realization time to roll out their services.

(3) Energy Sector including Oil, Gas, and petrochemical market

GlobalNet has a wide variety of access solutions for providing optimized and reliable connectivity for the oil and gas industry. Our available services such as IPLC and VSAT Satellite Services enable a continuous flow of information between onshore and offshore platforms or exploration sites to regional offices or central headquarters.

GlobalNet can provide efficiently transport the Data Communication services to International Oil & Gas companies in Myanmar like PETRONAS, Schlumberger. As an one of the achievement, GlobalNet are providing the VSAT Satellite Transponder services by using SingTel Satellite with long terms contract period from the starting of 2015.

Energy Sector including Oil, Gas, and petrochemical market

(4)Construction, Distribution

Myanmar’s construction industry will continue to grow at a relatively fast pace compared to other emerging markets over the forecast period (2015-2019). The positive outlook for the construction industry is supported by the expanding economy, increased government investment in public infrastructure, and the rising interest of domestic and foreign real estate developers in constructing residential units to meet the population’s housing demand.

Commercial Complex including shopping mall, service apartment, housing and condominium in Myanmar need Internet connection for many day to day business activities. Moreover, reliable and high quality Internet facilities make customers to choice their assets and services in this competitive market condition.

Furthermore, they can make cost saving advantage with faster billing, reducing work orders process, and less payroll cycles while eliminating unnecessary redundant paperwork and data entry errors. Customers will be more satisfaction and achieve good will in the market.

Construction, Distribution

(5) Logistic and Retail

Country most successful retail channels are implementing Virtual Private Network by using our services on our network infrastructure. The network can improve customer services, effective decision-making, streamline operational process, control the warehouse, connect each channel and enhance the experience for the consumers. The services become faster, more reliable and increasingly secure, and retailers also provide addition services like Wi-Fi to their consumers.

Logistic and Retail
Figure: Some of Our Clients from Logistic, Retails, Constructions and Distributions Sectors

Success Factors

(1) System Integration Solutions (From 2010 to Now)

System Integration Solutions

As a system integrator, GlobalNet work closely with Government & Private sector customers to align affordable, pre-configured components and off-the-shelf solution to meet key business goals & objectives. Our vast expertise & techniques to ensure that all components & solution are communicate and function perfectly together as a system.

System Integration Solutions

(2) IP Digital Microwave Solutions (From 2005 to 2010)

GlobalNet's Network & Engineering Department consists of engineers who have gained extensive experience in telecom networks and radio propagation theory. The team has developed the capabilities and skills to design the best practice network solutions that include, but are not limited to, link budget calculations, RF frequency planning and the reduction of intra-system interferences.

Implement & Maintenance for the Nationwide Microwave system for MPT

  • Yangon –Mandalay ( 19 –Hops)
  • Yangon – MyaWa Di ( 11-Hops)
  • Mandalay – Mu Sae ( 9 – Hops)
  • Mandalay – MyitKyi Nar ( 16- Hops)
  • Maw La Myine – Da Wae (5-Hops)
IP Digital Microwave Solutions

(iii) Value Added Reseller of MPT for Broadband Services (iPstar, ADSL) and VSAT Satellite Services (From 2005 to 2008)

GlobalNet had been deployed and installed over 300 hundreds IPSTAR Data Communication Terminals though out the county and 200 numbers of ADSL, presented as a Local Services Partner and valued added reseller of MPT.