Construction, Housing and Infrastructure Development Bank

Tag Line: Construction, Housing & Infrastructure Development Bank The Brand: AWS Cloud Solution The Solution: CHID Bank is setting up a new system called Loan Origination System that is using AWS Infrastructure. It includes a variety of AWS Services that implementations like Elastic Compute, Elastic Kubernetes Service, Elastic Load Balancer,

Max Myanmar Group

The Brand: AWS Cloud Solution The Solution: Amazon Simple Storage(S3) to Backup their tour Gates backup data in AWS The Conclusion: Amazon Simple Storage offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. And it has a wide range of cost-effective storage classes and easy to manage data and access controls

University of Computer Studies Yangon (UCSY)

The Brand :  AWS Cloud Solution The Solution: Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), to deploy three web applications: Learning Management System (Moodle) UCSY Online Repository Student Information System (SIS) The Conclusion: Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) gets resizable compute capacity in the cloud, scalable,

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC)

Tag Line :   Yangon City Development Committee ( YCDC) The Brand : AWS Cloud Solution The Solution : The Amazon EC2 services in backup storage service and mobile smart application (my city app) The Conclusion : The Amazon EC2 is easily setup, monitoring and quick performance. The cost is also

University Campus Security Solution

University Campus Security Solution GlobalNet’s Campus Security Solution has solved by providing of end to end solutions. Location – Yangon Solutions – University Campus Security Solution Key Challenges University’s Entrance and Exit Surveillance Campus Area Monitoring Prevent Vandalism University Property Student and Staff protection and Criminal Evidence Day & Night fully Monitoring

Body Temperature Thermal Solution

GlobalNet’s Thermal Solution GlobalNet’s Thermal Solution has solved all of the customer’s Problem Statements based on customer requirements and can install any type of site location. Key Challenges Human Body Temperature Measurement High Accuracy Easy and walking Measurement Without delay time for screening Non-contact measurement Temperature Evidence and Record Mask

GlobalNet’s Centralized Smart Retail Solution

GlobalNet’s Centralized Smart Retail Solution GlobalNet’s Smart Retail Solution is the integration of GlobalNet’s Virtual Private Network and customer’s exciting or new CCTV system in branches or shops. Head Office can monitor, control, and command all branches or shops over the network. How can solve your problem? Especially in the


GLOBAL NET PROVIDING PREMIUM INTERNET SERVICES TO OUR GOLDEN CUSTOMER May Inya Residence By Ocean Emerald Pearl Group Co.,Ltd (OEPG) Achieves More Reliable Network Performance And Higher Speeds Using GlobalNet DIA Connections Objective Drives Growth, Improves Standards of Living with the greatest internet access. Industry May Inya Residence Location No. 114/A,