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What is SD-WAN?

A software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), is a network that is abstracted from its hardware, creating a virtualized network overlay.

Enterprise customers can remotely manage and quickly scale this overlay, which can extent over a large number of sites and geographical distances. It is one of the applications of software-defined networking (SDN).

An SD-WAN can connect hundreds of branch locations to one or multiple central hub offices or data centers. Because it is abstracted from hardware, it is more flexible and available than a standard WAN.

It relies on four key principles Software-defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN)

Why use SD-WAN?

It simplifies the deployment of new branches as the installation is completely plug-and-play. Once the SDWAN edge device is connected to the network, the cloud-based orchestrator detects it and informs the network administrator who just has to push the preconfigured policy to the new edge. In a matter of minutes, the new branch is online and completely compliant security-wise with the rest of the network.

SD-WAN also aims to improve the overall network uptime by offering fast failover and dynamic traffic management capabilities.

As SD-WAN motto is to be completely abstracted from the infrastructure layer, it does not relate anymore to the underneath technology, it considerably reduces the complexity. No matter how the branch is connected to the network, SD-WAN implementation is always the same.

Plus, SD-WAN offers fast failover by monitoring in real-time the availability and performance of each upstream. It also has the capability to shift network traffic if the upstream is degraded which was complex to achieve with traditional WAN.

In a nutshell, a good SD-WAN solution can be a real blessing for IT managers as it simplifies not only the implementation but operation and maintenance (O&M) activities as well. It also gives the technical team complete visibility on the enterprise network from a single dashboard. It is also extremely easy to audit as the configuration is centralized.

How is SD-WAN a good fit for Myanmar?

Now, that we have set the scene about SD-WAN, let’s discuss the particular case of SD-WAN in Myanmar and why we believe this is a great technology for the country at this moment in time.
As we have discussed extensively, SD-WAN provides significant benefits to enterprises:

  • SD-WAN eases the implementation of Disaster-Recovery Plans
  • SD-WAN improves reliability and performance
  • SD-WAN is cost-effective
  • SD-WAN centralized management could be outsourced to a Managed Service Provider such as GlobalNet
  • SD-WAN is your gateway to public cloud
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GlobalNet is a registered VMware partner in Myanmar. As an SD-WAN Managed Service Provider, GlobalNet is committed to supporting our clients with their digital transformation projects.

We specialize in ISP and IT network architecture, deployment, vendor selection, and management.

Our goal is to help enterprise customers implement SD-WAN solutions and services, ensuring a high level of security, improved performance for a lower cost.

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