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Partnership Status

Partnership with AWS

GlobalNet and AWS partnership for cloud computing are the vital winning strategy to enter into Myanmar Market start from 2019.

GlobalNet is being trusted partner level as a “Select Tier Consulting Partner”

GlobalNet will be enhanced to every organization continue to mature their cloud-first strategies — where the cloud is primary, prioritized, and promoted for not only the public sector but also the private sector

GlobalNet will work with AWS to understand the people and processes within your organization and then give them the tools and technology to make them more effective.

Partnership with VMware

Global Technology (GlobalNet) was designed for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by VMware Cloud Provider Program to facilitate a successful partnership with VMware.

GlobalNet can offer some benefits through VMware such as software licensing on a monthly rental basis, support, and tools through which partners can develop, promote, and sell their VMware-based products, services, and solutions to provide Service Provider hosted IT Services (referred to as “Rental License”).

In addition, this program supports the option for partners to purchase VMware-hosted Cloud Services (referred to as “Managed Service Offering”) in order to become a Managed Services Provider (referred to as “MSP”).

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Certified Solution Architects Experts from Local and ASEAN can support your Architecture

Available Consulting Service for Cloud Services from Experts, Solution Architects

Training can get from the Local and AWS team.

Easy-to-use, buy & scale

POC credit available for big clients, customers

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