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We know sharing is caring, but when it’s about your business, a shared internet connection is not an ideal solution. You can face some troubling connection issues while trying to download a large file or have a video call. With Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) you don’t need to share your internet with anyone, and the internet goes directly and only to your office. Let’s take a closer look at DIA and see how your business can benefit from it.

How GlobalNet DIA Work How GlobalNet DIA Work
How GlobalNet DIA Work

How GlobalNet DIA Work

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With GLOBALNET Dedicated Internet Access, you get a secure, reliable, and high-speed internet connection to connect your employees with business partners and customers from anywhere in the world.


  1. Features: Dedicated Internet access (DIA) is a non-tariff, non-regulated network service that provides GlobalNet customers commercial-grade access to the Internet. The service is transported over the carrier-grade network including frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), and private line making DIA not distance-sensitive in relationship to speed and performance characteristics, offering synchronous up-stream and down-stream performance.
  1. Functionality: Business is dependent upon internet connectivity to function and operate. Employees access cloud-based applications to perform their jobs and service customers. Improving operations and productivity has an impact on the profitability of the business. Performance predictability of the digital underpinning of your business is a must.
  2. Performance: A dedicated Internet connection is a service where a provider dedicates a specific amount of bandwidth for that connection. This bandwidth is not shared with anyone else other than the users of that physical circuit. Being a dedicated connection the performance is always consistent and reliability very high. Suitable for Critical Business Application Highest Quality Device Performance.
  3. Service Delivery: On-Net service with a week service delivery. While On-Net locations offer the most value to network providers. On-Net locations refer to those areas or buildings in which network providers have physically built connectivity using fiber that they own. An SLA provided by a vendor on DIA will typically guarantee network uptime, latency, packet loss, and sometimes jitter will meet certain criteria > 99.9% of the time that service is provided.
  4. Service Availability: Guaranteed bandwidth If you purchase a 100Mbps DIA circuit, you are guaranteed to receive 100Mbps of bandwidth 100% of the time. Compare this with a 100Mbps “shared” connection where 100Mbps is likely the network’s provisioned peak speed, and actual speed is typically much lower.
  5. Back end Support: 24/7 support, to meet the needs of an ‘always on’ economy, we offer incident support online and over the phone, backed up by 24/7 service and response. Throughput leads to high connection quality Fast bandwidth means that your last-mile circuit accesses the ISP backbone network at a certain speed.
  6. Redundancy: GlobalNet has establish the IGW in Yangon Metropolitan Area and IGWDR Site outside of Yangon Metropolitan Area (Bago) which is fully redundant IGW with High-end IGW Router. It is connected to the international internet traffic through GlobalNet’s own fiber cable system. A support structure made up of thousands of professionals with the knowledge and experience to handle any situation.
  7. Reliability: A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a client. If your company has Dedicated Internet Access and your ISP fails to meet its SLA, they will give you a monetary refund, based on the details outlined in your original contract. Government license Network Facilities Service(Individual) NFS(I) License (2015) Granted International Gateway (IGW) License (2017) Right of Ways (ROW) License (2017) 2.6 GHz Spectrum License (2017)


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