Internet of Things

IoT Connected Factory Solutions

Easily collect, organize and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale

  • With IOT connected factory solutions, helps you collect data from manufacturing lines and assembly robots, transfer it to the cloud, and structure, performance metrics for your specific equipment and processes.
  • GlobalNet’s IoT Connected Factory Solution was designed to help manufacturers modernize their operations. It can get fully managed web applications to help analyze industrial equipment data, reduce costs and make faster decision
  • Customers can accelerate their industry 4.0 journey and achieve business outcomes like predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and remote asset management.

IoT Connected Home Solutions

To build, manage, and secure connected devices that delight your customers and make their homes smarter.

  • Smart homes improve our quality of life, and IOT connected home solution provides a suite of software and services that advance how we interact with groundbreaking connected home devices across various use cases including home automation, home security & monitoring and network management.
  • GlobalNet’s IoT solutions empowers you to build, manage, and secure connected devices that delight our customers and make their homes smarter.
IoT factory
IoT factory
IoT Home
IoT Home
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