GlobalNet DIA Business Internet Plans

Power your operations, connect locations and spur growth with up to 100 Gig fiber connectivity and a suite of tools tailored for education, medical, government, financial services, hospitality and many other industries.

Customized Plan Start 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps

  • A dedicated fiber connection for exclusive use, Providing consistent high-speed performance no matter how many end users are on the network.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth provides the same download and upload speed to support your most demanding applications.
  • An ultra-reliable, high performing service backed by stringent Service Level Agreements, making it ideal for critical business needs.
  • Class of Service enables VoIP and high definition video conferencing for a complete business solution.
  • A variety of managed security services that can help to protect your business from unauthorized access to vital data and mitigate denial of service attacks.


Boost your company’s performance and efficiency with Dedicated Internet

Service Level Agreements of 99.9% for site availability and time to restore, supported by a fully redundant network design.Up to service leve.


Highly secure
Proactive 24×7 monitoring and technical support, so problems are resolved before they affect your business.


Class of service enables peak performance for VoIP, high-definition video conferencing, and other high priority applications.

Dual Line
Based on customer requirement can support Special Fiber Service (Dual Fiber Broadband Line).


Up/Down Speed
Speeds up to 100 Mbps downstream and up to 100 Mbps upstream (or) same down and up stream.


Make your company more effective and more efficient

Special Dual Line

Based on customer requirement can support Special Fiber Service (Dual Fiber Broadband Line)

Scalable internet access

Wholesale and enterprise options offer full duplex, high-speed, dedicated Internet access.

Own International Gateway

Provide the best services with our own biggest international gateway facility

Quick Delivery Time

Provide very quick installation/delivery time

24/7 Concierge Service

Get Notified of network issues 24/7 NOC support, service desk and excellent customer service

Reliable Connectivity

Reliable Connectivity for All Business Functions Instant access to real time information, video conferencing, cloud services and solutions

Trusted provider

Proven reliability from a global backbone with expansive peering arrangements for exceptional performance.

End to End Metro Fiber Network

Provide the best services with private owned biggest end to end metro fiber network

Our Service Area

Dedicated Internet Access Service Area,Domestic Services

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