GlobalNet International Private Line (IPLC)

What is GlobalNet International Private Line (IPLC)

IPLC is an end-to-end managed bandwidth service which provides the highest stability and security in sending and receiving data with dedicated pure Layer 1 international data bandwidth for various types of real-time and mission-critical applications including data, voice and video. It is suitable for multinational organizations, either big or small size of organization that have high traffic volumes and wants to connect with the other counties. The data transmission speed can be ranged from 64 Kbps to 155 Mbps.

GN International Private Line (IPLC) , IPLC Services

Service Areas

GlobalNet International Private Line (IPLC) available covering various countries worldwide through a network of Submarine Optical Fiber by collaboration with service providers who is the Global Network Operator.

Warranty Service

GlobalNet International Private Line has guaranteed quality of service which provides the highest stability and security in sending and receiving data according to the Service Level Agreement.

Service Level Agreement

Provide with service levels for delivery, service availability and mean time to restore as follow:


  • dedicated bandwidth and high data security
  • Transfer of voice, video and mission-critical applications without risk of downtime or data breach.
  • is a system designed to prevent disruption completely
  • fully managed, end-to-end solution
  • Can protect business data of users more effectively.
  • Monitor by network management system supervised by a team of specialists including service center available 24 hours for any complaint. 24/7 Network Operating Center


Topology Point-to-point
Network Layer Layer 1
Technology Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
Bandwidth Availability The following are the bandwidths offered, with higher bandwidths being available upon request:
  • 2Mbps / E1
  • 45Mbps / DS3
  • 155Mbps / STM-1
  • 622Mbps / STM-4
  • 2.5Gbps / STM-16
Service Level Agreements Up to 99.0% end-to-end circuit availability