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Key Challenges

During the world pandemic and Force Majeure, Internet Connection is a Critical issue for ICRC. Connectivity is a major challenge because all distribution and transfer processes from the head office to the regional offices are linked via applications. Since the launch of GlobalNet Services, challenges have been easily overcome.

Brand History

In Myanmar, the ICRC provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence. We have been present in Myanmar for over 30 years, including Kachin, Shan, and Rakhine states. Our response is inclusive of emergency aid as well as long-term assistance. We improve access to clean water, healthcare facilities, and better living conditions, promote international humanitarian law, and spread education about risks related to landmines.

The Problem

Despite these pandemic and force majeure situations, the ICRC, an organization that provides social relief and other social services, would almost certainly be shut down if the Internet were not stable.
Another issue is that when ICRC Myanmar used another ISP in the past, it could or could not view websites, and some sites were loading but it could not be accessed at all.

The Solution

Initially, ICRC tried to use GlobalNet as a Back Up Link. It was very easy to use without any internet connection problems ICRC had faced before. Any business-related online communication has become easier and faster.
In addition, the line is stable and fast. Even if you have a problem, it is easy to communicate quick respond.
Therefore, GlobalNet’s Service is upgraded to Main Link. No more IP problems. This is because GlobalNet can provide public IP services at the same time.
Currently, it is used by ICRC Myanmar offices in Yangon and Mandalay as well as branch offices in other cities.

The Conclusion

There is a dedicated Key Account Manager, so ICRC can contact GlobalNet’s service team directly if there is a problem with a connection.
The connection between offices in Yangon, Mandalay, and other offices has been faster due to the highest service level agreement, timely installation, and maintenance in accordance with the SLA commitment, in addition to providing the best service even during times of crisis.


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